Telephone Answering

We understand that when you are busy, it is sometimes difficult to answer your phone as soon as it rings. The person calling may hang up before you get the chance to answer that call. But that phone call could have been a potential customer or client seeking your services or products, so you missed a potential sale.  For every sale you miss, that is a loss of revenue. Those calls are the driving force of your business. 

You may feel it is ok to ask someone to call you back, or call you after, for example 8:00pm when you are available, or use an answering machine, or return their missed call once you are free to talk, however, all have many disadvantages. For example, why would anyone necessarily call you back when there are perhaps other businesses offering a similar service and can be reached instantly?  Likewise, asking to be called back at a certain given time may be too late for someone who may be trying to get instant information about your products or information and quotes on your services. Another disadvantage is, you will frequently find that customers/clients do not like talking to machines or leaving a message on voicemail. Generally, people prefer to speak to a human being who can respond to their query promptly, they would rather a human voice.  Also, an answerphone cannot demonstrate genuine interest and knowledge in your products or services.

We are forever living at a faster pace where time is of the essence and if you miss opportunities that could have serious repercussions for your business. 

As you may not always have the time or the means to take incoming calls during business hours when you are out on jobs, busy with other customer/clients, out of the office and so forth, we at Topaz Business Services Ltd can act as your personal assistants, within a professional office environment to ensure you never miss another call.

We answer your calls in your business’ name as though we are a part of the business.